Quiet Dell United Methodist Church

Who Are We?

Established in 1896, Quiet Dell United Methodist Church (QDUMC) served the rural farming community of Quiet Dell. With the development of I-79 in the 1970s the community has become a suburb of Clarksburg with a mix of blue and white color workers. QDUMC is conveniently located off the Stonewood/Nutter Fort exit 115 of I-79.

QDUMC is a fun-loving, dynamic congregation – something is always happening at Quiet Dell Church because of our ties to the community and our desire to be together. Our laid-back services make you feel welcome regardless of your back ground. Feel free to show-up in jeans and a t-shirt to any of our services or events.

As a center to our community QDUMC regularly holds events open to the public. Our pastor, Nathan Weaver is full time and serves both Quiet Dell United Methodist Church (QDUMC) and our sister church, Monroe Chapel. Pastor Nathan is always available to listen to your questions or concerns.

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